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How To Gain Free Followers On Instagram


Instagram is an awesome social media platform that offers users a chance to interact through photos. Getting many followers on Instagram translates to an audience, which you can interact with on different capacities. Many businesses use Instagram to promote their products and getting followers to create the needed audience is one of the most difficult tasks they have to encounter.

For celebrities and prominent individuals, getting Instagram followers is not a struggle, but any other person will have to put more effort to gain a good number of followers. Below are several tips you can use to attract more followers on Instagram.

Prepare a contest

To interact with many people on Instagram, you can use one of the tricks like preparing a contest, in which they have to like one of your photos to enter. Most importantly putting a prize to be won will further motivate them to participate, which should also see you get more followers, who will want to know the progress of the contest at different times.

Embrace other social media sites

You can also rely on other social media platforms like Twitter to promote your Instagram account. Begin by showing your friends what they should expect once they follow you on Instagram. Also make sure to have high quality photos to show and interesting content that will give your followers a reason to refer their friends to follow you.

Comment and like

Liking and leaving comments on photos of other users is a natural and easy way of getting more followers. Simply like hundreds of photos and at the end of the day you will have gained a good number of followers. You can also rely on popular hashtags to appear on searches, which exposes you to a large audience and probably motivates many people to follow you.

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