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Becoming an Instagram star has its benefits. For one, garnering fame becomes possible for the "average person" who builds up a loyal following. Funny, engaging, intelligent, and charismatic Instagram stars have developed audiences in the millions of followers. No matter what particular genre of content a star focuses, he/she shares one huge similarity with all other Instagram celebrities. Everyone starts fresh with no followers. Building up a large number of followers really needs to be a top priority for anyone launching an Instagram channel.


Followers Attract Followers


Everyone wants to check out the "hot new thing." Just look at the television industry to see this principle in action. When a television show becomes popular, the audience grows because more and more people want to check it out. After all, if millions of people are tuning into the show, there must be something worth checking out. To a degree, an Instagram profile may thrive or decline in a similar manner. By building up a decent amount of followers, a snowball effect may begin to take place. More and more people become interested in checking out the person with all those cool videos others seem to love.


Building Up Free Follower Numbers


Where do all the followers come from? Purchasing followers remains an option, but building up a strong amount of free followers on instagram is obviously less expensive. The free followers likely would be more motivated to watch your channel on a regular basis. Of course, discovering a system that works for building up free followers forms the basis of amassing all those numbers. Without a good system in place, you might struggle for a long time without ever seeing the number of followers truly increase.